De ce Agile Learning?

We are passionate about our mission of being a Bridge to the world for growing companies.

Continuăm să venim în sprijinul nevoilor organizațiilor prin programe inovative și personalizate precum AGILE LEARNING deoarece:

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    The potential of the learners is 100% exploited, they acquire all the targeted language skills both through interaction and collaboration with group members and through individual study, depending on objectives and availability.

    Learners’ motivation and responsibility increase as they have the flexibility to choose their time and space for study.

    The advantages of the eLEARNING platform

    • Specialized study units in business language

    • Content developed to facilitate communication in international environments
    • Materiale video şi articole actualizate săptămânal
    • Virtual Classrooms
    • eWriting
    • Accesibil de pe orice device

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